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Why Should You Buy Pre-selling Properties?

The booming Philippine economy has a positive impact in the flourishing real estate industry we have today.

Are you in the lookout for a residential property of your dream? Is it a condominium unit, an apartment, a townhouse, or maybe a house and lot you’ve been looking for? You’ve done everything so far like checked websites, made rounds of open houses and entertained sales people handing out flyers and brochures in the malls. Buying a pre-selling property requires a common sense and good strategy. Pre-selling means you are buying the property at a very early stage, usually at the project’s launch date so you can choose the most ideal unit, the best location for views, strategic floor and the right dimensions you need.

Here are the reasons why buying pre-selling properties is the best decision for you:

1) Cheaper Price with Flexible Payment Schemes

Pre-selling properties have cheaper prices that can go as low as 50% off their original prices when turnover. On top of this, a 10-15% discount for the down payment depending on the percentage of the down payment you are paying - is also likely to be offered to you. Who doesn’t want all these perks? Developers offer attractive and flexible payment schemes down to only 12% of the contract price spread up to 55 months before turnover. The balance can be paid through a bank financing, a government-sponsored home loan or the developer’s in-house financing options. For bank financing, you can do this only right before turnover so you would have enough time to complete your bank requirements.

2) Best Unit Options

If you want to have the best location or your preferred unit size, acquiring it at pre-selling stage will give you that opportunity. Many would like buying a condo unit where it is situated in the ideal floor along with a perfect direction. We know that some units are highly pursued because they come with great views or have the right sizes so potential renters look out for them. You can also opt to customize based on your pre-sale contract when a construction phase has been completed.

3) Steady Income and Wise Investment

There’s a probable demand for your property after turnover. Do you know how much could be its value by the time the project is finished? It is sensible as a buyer to consider the location and the neighborhood as these will define the ROI (Return Of Investment). The key is choosing a property in a top location. For example, a condo that was bought in Makati City or BGC may now fetch two times as much as its original price in the secondary market. A buyer may want to have it rented out where it will also be a steady source of income. The value of real estate appreciates considerably over time so a buyer can earn good profit once he decides to sell it in the future.

Buying pre-selling properties is quite risky yet you can maximize its advantages if you are well-informed. Plan it strategically. You can never go wrong if you would check and buy from the country’s leading real estate developers. If you have no time to do all these studies, check Homdax website, we have already shortlisted the best projects in town with better price too.