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Homdax, from idea to product

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Thanks to Wix.com, this helps a lot in making homdax.com goes live in couple of days after an idea of having an international brand and yet a localized South East Asia solution to adapt to the biggest and fastest growing economy.

From the brand name, we believe it somehow gives an rough idea what this is all about, the "hom" represents "home" and "dax" sounds "index". Homdax will start from a pre-selling property platform at the beginning, we're sure there are things we can go further as we have more daily traffic, it could be a property bidding platform, bulk purchase or so. But what is more important for Homdax team now is to get the MVP website ready, get more users rather than thinking something not realistic at this point.

Everything goes after a logo design, this is how a big project should start. We will post our Homdax logo in a week, stay tuned!

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